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Getting a government service has become a dream job for many but although the competition has intensified over the years, it is still not impossible. With unwavering focus and perseverance and the wise choice of a small number of good books and able guidance, one can easily crack the tough shall of competitive examinations.

   We have seen that a good number of government posts were up for grabs even in the midst of the pandemic which has significantly shrunk the employment opportunities for the people. Even the strongest critics of those seeking government services finally concur that for the middle-class job seekers government services have no other alternative in terms of lucrative salaries and stability. But the unfortunate thing is most youngsters sit for the examinations with only ad hoc preparations and no real winning strategies. Our experience tells us that proper preparation and strategy not only take the candidates much closer to success but also make it knock loudly at their doors. Every year state government appoints around 7000-8000 apart from police and school services and the central government appoints around 20000-30000 apart from military jobs through various service commissions. Needless to say, the preparations for most of the examinations are quite similar. Therefore, instead of getting diverted by unwanted and  unsolicited advice from every Tom, Dick, and Harry, if one keeps 
his/her focus intact and persevere for only about two years, one can actually bag the much-coveted job that guarantees financial free on and career stability.

Wishing you all the best in this rewarding journey...


Why Choose Our Institution?

Fast track academy is designed to help aspiring candidates crack various PSC examinations and bag the jobs of their dreams.This is not just another training center for competitive examinations. The founding members and the teachers here share the vision of holistic development of their students fill them with self-belief and conviction and hone their skill sets for the ultimate test.This academy believes that this is an arduous but highly rewarding journey and the teachers and mentors are always ready at the corners with their helping hands to make the journey as smooth and enriching as possible. Fast track academy exists with the sole purpose to make a difference. Strive for excellence and never settle for mediocrity. This is the motto this academy painstaking follows.

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